"98 Years of Relentless Journey Towards Engineering Advancement For Nation Building"


The Institution of Engineers (India)
Odisha State Centre

Award winners of 58th Annual Technical Session held on 19th February, 2017



Name of the AWARD






For his/her/their article entitled




K C Das Memorial Award


Dr. Ranjan Kumar Naik, MIE &

Dr. Ram Chandra Dash, FIE

For their paper entitled

Development of Sisal Fibre Extractor for Small Farmers of Odisha


Banabihari Mohanty Memorial Award


Er. G C Sahu, FIE


For his  paper entitled

Impact of Rengali Dam Across River Brahmani on Mangroves of Bhitarkanika


MN Bhuyan Memorial Award


Er. Amar Kumar Das, MIE

Dr. Himanshu Sekhar Moharana, FIE

Er. Bipin Bihari Mohanty

Er. Ritesh Mohanty

For their  paper entitled

The Optimal Utilization of Waste Plastics added with Bitumen Reinforcing in Civil Transportation Works


SV Srinivasan Memorial Prize


Er. Laxmi Kanta Tripathy, MIE

For his  paper entitled

Role of Skin Friction in Bearing Resistance of Pile Foundation


Syed Mumtaz Ali Memorial Award


Er. A N Nayak, FIE

Er. P K Tripathy, MIE

For their paper entitled

Free Vibration Analysis of Grid Slabs Using FEM


Er. Arta Bandhu Jena Memorial Award


Dr. Subhransu Sekhar Swain

Dr. Sanjaya Kumar Patro

For their paper entitled

Seismic Protection of Soft Storey Buildings Using Friction Based Energy Dissipation Devices


Er. Muralidhar Satpathy Award


Mrs. S Sahoo

Prof. B C Panda, FIE


For their paper entitled

Effect of Silica Fume on Strength and Durability Parameters of Concrete


Damodar Sahoo Memorial Award


Mr. Ashutosh Rath

Prof. Prakash Chandra Swain, FIE

For their  paper entitled

Optimal Cropping Pattern in Senhapali Distributary of Hirakud Command Using Cuckoo Search


Er.Govinda Chandra Sahu Award


Prof. Basanta Kr. Mishra


For his  paper entitled

Mitigative Measures for Sedimentation & Stability of Barrage Under Alluvial Condition


Er. R C Patra Memorial Award

Dr. Sheelabhadra Mohanty, FIE

Dr.Pravukalyan Panigrahi

Ms. Mausumi Raychaudhuri

Dr. Sunil Kumar Ambast

For their paper entitled

Effect of Partial Rootzone Drying on Growth and Yield of Drip Irrigated Mango


Er. Avaya Chandra Nayak Memorial Award

Mr. Trupti Ranjan Mahapatra,MIE

Mr. Subrata Kumar Panda,MIE


For their paper entitled

Post-buekling Behaviour of FGM Panel with TD and TID Properties Under Elevated Thermal Load: A Nonlinear FEM Approach


Ganesh Mishra Memorial Award


Mr. Mantra Prasad Satpathy

Mr. Susanta Kumar Sahoo, FIE

For their paper entitled

Ultrasonic Metal Welding: An Uncommon Technology for Common Practices in Automotive Field


Sankarsan Jena Memorial Award

Ms. Sriparna Chatterjee

Dr. Bimal Prasad Singh



For their  paper entitled

Production of Innovative Coating Materials for Energy Efficient Organic Solar-Cell Devices for Rural Area


Brundaban  Sahu Memorial Award


Mr.Gunji .Bala Murali, AMIE

Dr.MVA Raju Bahubalendruni

Dr.Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal


For their paper entitled

An Intelligent Strategy for Automated Assembly Sequence Planning While Considering DFA Concept


Gouri Sankar Sahu Memorial Award

Mr. Nabnit Panigrahi, FIE


For his paper entitled

Energy and Exergy  Analysis of C.I. Engine Fuelled with Biodiesel


Er. Pratap Chandra Panda Award



Dr. Sushanta Tripathy, FIE

Ms. Aishwarya Dash


For their paper entitled

Effect of Green Motivation and Top Management Support of Green Supply Chain Management in Indian Mining Industries: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach





Madhusudan Memorial Award

Mr. Asini Kumar Baliarsingh,MIE

Mr. Krishna Chandra Meher, MIE

For their paper entitled

Solving Economic Load Dispatch Using Space Reduction Based Particle Swarm Optimization


Sandeep Mohapatra Memorial Medal

Dr. Durga Prasad Mohapatra,FIE

Mr. Sangharatna Godboley

Ms.Arpita Dutta

For their paper entitled

Measuring Hit ratio of Software Systems using UML Sequence Diagram


Gannett Memorial Award

Dr. M K Ghosal, FIE

Dr. Narayan Sahoo, FIE

For their paper entitled

Studies of Solar Photovoltaic Powered Micro-irrigation System in Aerobic Rice Cultivation for Sustainable Agriculture and Mitigating Greenhouse Gases Emission


Abel Wolman Memorial Award

Prof (Dr) L K Bisoyi, FIE

For his paper entitled

Energy from Rural Wastes – An Innovative Approach for Sustainable Development and Clean India Through Swatch Bharat Abhijan (SBA)


J N Panda Memorial


Ms. Ranjita Swain, MIE

Mr. Rudra Narayan Mohapatra.

Ms. Sunita Routray

Mr. Debabrata Mukhopadhyay

For their paper entitled

Flow Sheet Development  for Generation of Mineral Water


Prof. (Dr.) L K Bisoyi Award

Er. Prafulla Chandra Mohapatra, FIE

Mr. Ashok Kumar Nanda, FIE

Mr. Golak Behari Das, MIE

For their paper entitled

Design of Upflow Aerobics Sludge Blanket (UASB) Sewage Treatment Plant at Kavoor


Sadananda Memorial Award

Dr. Sangram Keshari  Routray

Dr. Sudhansu Sekhar Dash,FIE

For their paper entitled

Wind Farm based Multimachine Power System Using Finite Time Terminal Sliding Mode Control based Unified Power Flow Controller


Institution Award

Dr. Nandanandan Das, FIE


For his paper entitled

Engineering Challenges to Face Calamity Like Cyclone, Flood & Surge – (Outcome of practice)


Institution Award

Mr. Mahasakti Mahamaya

Dr. Sarat Kumar Das

For their paper entitled

Characterization of Controlled Low Strength Material Using Fly Ash and Mine Overburden


Institution Award

Dr. Madhab Chandra Tripathy

Ms. Tapaswini Sahu, AMIE

For their paper entitled

Noise Analysis of Fractional Order Integrator and Differentiator using RC Domino Ladder as factional Capacitor


Institution Award

Prof. (Dr) Harekrishna Nayak, FIE


For his paper entitled

Mix Design Methodology of Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)




Institution Award

Dr. Arun Kumar Patnaik, FIE

For their paper entitled

Solar Photovoltaic Electricity –The Bright Alternative


Institution Award

Mr. B G Mohapatro

Mr. Sourav Kumar Das

Ms. Priyanka Bera

For their paper entitled

Effect of Pile Length on the Behaviour of A Piled-Raft Foundation


Institution Award

Dr. Ing. H P Misra, FIE


For their paper entitled

My Journey for the Industrialization of Odisha