Seminars & Workshops

Technical Seminars: These focus on specific technical topics related to different branches of engineering, such as civil, mechanical, electrical, computer science, etc. They may cover recent advancements, emerging technologies, case studies, or research findings.

Certification Programs: Collaborate with industry bodies or organizations to offer certification programs in specialized areas, providing students with additional credentials.

Technical Webinar

Knowledge Dissemination: Webinars provide a platform to disseminate knowledge on specific technical topics, innovations, research findings, or industry trends. They bring experts, researchers, and practitioners together to share their expertise and experiences.

Skill Enhancement: Webinars can cover specific skills, tools, or methodologies relevant to engineering disciplines. This aids in skill development and provides insights into practical applications.

Prize & Awards

Leadership and Service Awards: Acknowledging students who display exceptional leadership qualities, community service, or involvement in extracurricular activities like student organizations, clubs, or volunteering initiatives.

Sports and Cultural Awards: In addition to academic achievements, colleges also appreciate talents in sports, cultural events, music, drama, and arts. Prizes are awarded for excellence in these extracurricular activities.

Public Recognition: Award ceremonies or events where winners are publicly recognized can boost motivation and encourage healthy competition among students.

Selection Process: Form a committee consisting of faculty members and experts to oversee the selection process. This committee can review applications, projects, or performances to determine winners.

Prizes and Certificates: Offer tangible prizes, certificates, trophies, or scholarships to winners, which can serve as a symbol of achievement and encourage others.

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